Compact Fractionation Units

Flash Gas emissions reduce oil production and wastes valuable hydrocarbons, such as methane, into the atmosphere. We have designed our CFUs in three different volume handling levels (low, mid and high) to eliminate these hydrocarbon emissions while increasing the oil's quality and quantity.

In addition, our CFUs create an additional revenue stream through the process of the separation of the natural gas liquids (NGLs). The units address regulatory concerns, as well as, generate an increase in revenue for the company.

The CFUs fractionate incoming hydrocarbons into 3 streams: natural gas, NGLs and oil. The oil fraction is maximized and the NGLs and flash gas are captured at pressure. The units operate at 100+ psig, thus eliminating previous technology options, such as vapor recovery units, and addresses concerns over oxygen entrapment in the sales gas stream. By implementing this technology, more than 500,000 wells in the US alone could generate a profit for their producers.

All CFUs are also available with our current patent pending design, Process Optimization Modules. This enhancement allows the system to be optimized for the inlet flow rates without installing a completely new system. This is essentially important as companies account for the production rate declines as the wells age.