Field Testing and Mass Balance Flow Rate

Flash Gas Control, LLC provides comprehensive field testing and mass balance flow rate service to assess your oil production composition.

Mass balance flow rate evaluation includes:

  • Identifying total hydrocarbons lost
  • Optimizing current production
  • Creating NGL revenue stream
  • Capturing Flash Gas revenue

Turnkey Services

Flash Gas Control, LLC offers turnkey services for full operational support for the CFU or you may select turnkey installation services for our equipment. Our highly trained staff is a great low investment option available for your site.

  • Remove constraints
  • Reduce overhead expense
  • Improved installation time


NGL Storage Tanks

Flash Gas Control, LLC provides the option to purchase or lease NGL Storage tanks for your NGL processing needs. These storage tanks are:

  • 40'L X 8'W X 8'H
  • 13,821 gallons of capacity
  • 261psig MAWP
  • National Board Certification
  • ASME Certified