This Low Volume Compact Fractionation Unit (CFU) has been strategically designed to handle between 0-125bbls per day. This unit can, not only, lead to increased revenue for your facility through the decreased loss of product but will assist in providing a cleaner environmental solution and safer working environment. This CFU delivers a new, innovative revenue stream for both the production companies and the royalty owners by capturing and purifying these emissions previously lost during the production process and allows you to sell them as natural gas liquids (NGL). This process addresses emissions concerns while allowing the capture and sale of the additional valuable products.
LV Overhead

Compact Fractionation Unit

  • Capacity 15-125 bbls per day
  • 1" Inlet Dual Stage Unit - Single Skid Design
  • Plot area 32’L x 7’W X 43’H


  • Two Process Heating Units
  • Two Packed Columns for Hydrocarbon Separation
  • One Dual Coil Product Cooler