Flash Gas Control, LLC has discovered new technology to be implemented on well sites that specialize in the identification, quantification and capture of hydrocarbon emissions. The production and release of these emissions, via venting and improper handling during production presents a concern for environmental efforts due to the presence of these emissions which have been suggested to have harmful long-term environmental impacts. With a combined involvement of 80 years of successful oil and gas experience, Flash Gas Control, LLC can help to increase productivity through our more environmentally- friendly technology. Our technology will help to eliminate these emissions. Through the elimination of emissions, production volumes increase at each site therefore, availing new opportunities for additional revenue for your company.

Meet the Team

Wiley Rhodes B

Wiley Rhodes


Wiley brings nearly three decades of experience in project development, market strategy and sales with an emphasis on natural gas treating and processing, nitrogen rejection, and helium purification. With his wide range of international experience, he has established an importance on the elimination of methane and flash gas emissions from oil production.

Zane Rhodes

Zane Rhodes

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rhodes has over sixteen years of experience in various management and engineering roles including mechanical design, hydraulic system design, dynamic system modeling and controls, active heave compensation, process design, and project management.


Kellie Wilbanks

Chief Operating Officer

Kellie brings extensive experience in sales and operational expertise to the organization. Her tenacious nature along with her expertise in operational streamlining and revenue generation has made her a strategic partner to the organizations she has been affiliated. She plays a key role in business strategy and management, as well as, financial oversight for the company.


Amy Bowman

Executive Assistant

Amy provides high level administrative support to executives. In this role, she coordinates all of the administrative tasks, including organizing all activities, such as meetings, events and travel arrangements and personal assistance. She is responsible for managing schedules for the team and keeping everyone in conformity.